Vivienne Brereton

The House of the Red Duke is a series of historical novels set in Tudor times. A Phoenix Rising is Book One by the British author, Vivienne Brereton.

Ms Brereton commissioned us to typeset her Word manuscript and assist her in publishing her book on Amazon and IngramSpark thus enabling world-wide distribution both online and in book shops.

We were also commissioned to create four video book trailers, an author website (WordPress) as well as designing several maps and the cover of her book.

The project took five months to complete. We undertook two proof-readings of the manuscript prior to typesetting. Proofing copies were printed for quality, design and proof-reading review. This incurred changes to the front and back cover design in addition to a number of updates and amendments to the manuscript and glossary prior to final publishing.

Since then we have designed the cover for her second book, ‘The Lizard Lurking in the Grass’, set to be published at the end of 2019. Today we are currently working on marketing assistance.