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  • World Book Night

    We normally sleep at night but might give it a miss next Tuesday. Did you know it’s going to be World Book Night? No, we didn’t either.

    Anyway, for those night owls out there World Book Night is a national (UK)…

  • France’s Book Towns

    You’ve probably heard of Hay-on-Wye in Wales and Jinbōchō in central Tokyo, and maybe Óbidos in Portugal (now considered to host one of the biggest book festivals in Europe) but did you know France has a book town too. In…

  • Hitching a Ride on YouTube

    As the most popular online video platform in the world, it would be silly not to hitch a ride on YouTube to promote your business.

    Their stats are impressive:

    Over 1.5 billion worldwide users
    One billion hours of content watched daily